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BankShopOnline™ offers valuable information to Banks that care about customer service and maintaining a competitive edge. Learn exactly where the strengths and weaknesses are for your braches at all levels of customer contact.

Increasing core deposits and gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace comes from a team effort from everyone in your bank. If you’re part of the executive or leadership team at your bank you know how important customer service is… especially for community banks.

Sure, you understand how important customer service is to growing your bank, but there is nothing quite like an independent third-party, non-biased, non-political, feedback system that gives you personal scores and in-depth reporting on your bank, branches and employees.

We offer you a powerful tool in evaluating and improving your employee performance for customer service through our integrated approach of mystery shopping services offered by BankShopOnline™
We’ve perfected the process through thousands of mystery shops to banks of all sizes and can customize a mystery shopping program that focuses in on your key objectives. Our internet-based shop reports give you insights unmatched in the industry. We have the experience, skills and professional shoppers that ensure you exceptional results and the feedback you need to improve customer service.

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BankShop Services